Well, here we are with one crazy funny app which has been making its rounds over the internet for quite sometimes.  The name of this little humorous app is DUBSMASH. The name itself can describe a lot about this android app.


This app is mainly designed to dub some random audio line to a recorded video of you. But, there is a small interesting catch to it. You are allowed to select any audio clip according to your need which is provided by the app itself through a list of audio files and then just lip sync to it. I hope you all know what is lip sync, you basically need to speak according to the audio u have selected so that it looks as if you have spoken it. In the end you can watch the video and decide whether to keep it, share it or delete it.

This might sound not so cool at first, but trust me once you start using this app, it can get a whole lot fun, crazy and addictive all at the same time. You even have celebrities going crazy over this and posting self composed lip synced videos over the net. If you don’t trust me just log into Youtube and you can find a number of Dubsmash videos there posted by celebrities to famous people, just everyone.

It is really easy to use and can quickly get the hang off it. Once you download and install this app there will be a well described step by step manual guide on the first use after which your imagination is your only limit.

Dubsmash Languages

It is available in a number of languages such as Dubsmash Dutch, Dubsmash English, Dubsmash Hindi and it keeps on growing as the number of users keeps increasing.  

You can also share your videos on popular social sites like Facebook  and Instagram or you can send them as video messages, if you are trying to convey something to the other person in a more funny, romantic or aggressive way. It just gets the work done.

So the next time you really feel upset or sad about something just log into this awesome app in your android device and let it do the rest obviously with some of your cooperation.

It is available in version v1.17.0 with all new bug fixes.

Let us now come to the pros and cons as always.

Dubsmash Download

You can easily get it from Google Play Store without having to pay anything for it. It is totally free.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to pros, this app has a number of them added to it:


  • It is absolutely free.
  • It requires very less space, just 18.21MB.
  • It comes with more than 30 different languages.
  • It has a sharing option to share the videos over popular social media. (Facebook, Twitter)
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is 100% secured and available in Play Store.

Then we have its cons:

  • There is a limit set to the length of the audio clip and video. It is to be approximately 10 seconds
  • It is advised to be used by users above 18 years of age and requires registration through email at the time of installation and first use. (Like as if that has ever stopped the curious mind).
  • Requires android version 4.1 and higher to work.

Anime Watcher

Well for those anime fans out there, I have a surprise for you. The name of the surprise is Anime Watcher. It is an awesome android app that enables you to have all your favorite anime TV shows and episodes right at your finger tips on your phones. Carry your entertainment source anywhere you go.


This small 768 KB app allows you to access a number of different online streaming sources from which you can view all your anime episodes, series right from Naruto to Dragon BallZ to Bleach just to name a few.

Anime video online

There are many sources available which hosts your favorite anime TV series. You just have to click on one of the sources and find the episodes you are looking for. There is a search option just made for your easy access to your favorite episode.


So walla! You do not have to sit in front of your television an entire day just to view your favorite anime cartoons. You now have the ability to access and view them anytime and most importantly anywhere at will.

Dubbed anime

It also has a number of dubbed series just for the convenience of users hailing from different parts of the entire globe.  

You might need a third party app for viewing the episodes with ease but it is just required if you need it, otherwise you can just play it with the inbuilt viewers in your device.

Thus, this is the ultimate package for the anime fans out there like me who cannot skip even a day with a treat of anime episodes at their table. So, here I give you this most beautiful app to check out and make use of to bring joy to your life and soul.

Also currently there are about more than thousands of users on the internet who are taking the advantages of this app and I am pretty sure for those of you anime lovers who are quite busy in schedule and cannot take out time for your beloved anime shows would really love to have an app like this by your side. Hence, for the sake of the anime and geek society this app has proved to be a life savior.

Different Genres

You can also view anime show according to the different types of genres provided by the source list, like action, adventure, comedy, demons and so on.

Pros and Cons

Before ending, let us name a few Pros and Cons of this app:


  • The app size is extremely small, 768 KB.
  • It is totally free.
  • It comes with 14 different languages.
  • Requires 2.1.x and up versions of android.
  • User friendly and easy to use.


  • Requires you to stay connected to the internet.
  • Needs a third party player to play videos smoothly and efficiently.
  • Few ads pop up from time to time at the bottom.
  • Not available in Google Play Store but you can download it from uptodown.


OG YouTube Apk. File Download

I have seen people going mad over YouTube videos, all because it provides you n number of videos and songs that too for free. YouTube was created 10 years back and now is earned by Google itself. Not to mention, YouTube is the third largest visited website after Google and Facebook. According to stats there are 300 minutes of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute.


The only issue I face with YouTube is that, I can’t download videos and movies through YouTube. I am sure you all agree with me!

There are so many application that allow you to download movies, videos and songs for free. But OG YouTube enables you to download videos from YouTube itself without any extra effort. Let’s see what its features tell you:-

  • Download unlimited videos and movies for free
  • Convert Mp4 files into Mp3
  • Download videos of any resolution
  • Watch downloaded movies and videos anytime you want
  • Play movies and videos in the background with the help of OG YouTube.
  • Very easy and simple user Interface. Seems just the same as YouTube official website.
  • Download subtitles for your movie
  • Press the back button two times to exit video on your screen.

Downloading process

Step 1 – Change settings of your phone from settings > security > Unknown sources. This will allow you to download applications other than Google play store also.

Step 2 – Look out for OG YouTube apk. File and download the original link.

Step 3 – Install the app and wait for few minutes.

Step 4 – Open the app on your home screen and enjoy its features.

Conclusion :-

OG YouTube is an application that gives you the same User interface as YouTube itself. The only difference lies in its download and background button. For that matter I forgot to tell you, please don’t log in on OG YouTube otherwise you won’t be able to download the videos. Other than this this application works amazingly well.

For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. I would love to read and reply. Thank you!